• Android

    Info relating to minor android projects (flashing/rooting etc)

    • Flashing Firmware

      Flashing new firmware on an android device.

      • STAR S7189

        Cheap phone manufactured by Chinese company named STAR or maybe Kingelon (?)

        Chipset info:
        • MediaTek (MT/MTK) 6589 chipset.
        • ARM Cortex A7 based.
        • PowerVR SGX544.
        • 1GB RAM.
        • GPS
        • 3G
        • GSM
        • HSPA+
        • Dual SIM (standby)
        • Removable battery...
  • Database Systems

    Various information and scripts used for databases.

    • Oracle

      Oracle Databases.
      Can be any of XE, standard or enterprise.

    • SQL Server

      Microsoft SQL Server

  • Hardware

    System Administration focussed information on various hardware.

  • Linux

    All things GNU/Linux

    • Apache

      Any information on the Apache Web Server.
      Particularly *nix focussed, but can contain other OS information.

    • Debugging

      Debugging tips.

    • email

      E-mail system setup and information.
      Services such as postfix and dovecot.

    • Gaming

      All things gaming related within GNU/Linux

      • Steam

        Steam for Linux gaming information.

        Contains some useful configuration tips, and workarounds for some common problems.

        Please check the Wiki for useful information.

    • Links

      Links to useful resources related to GNU/Linux.

    • Misc

      General Miscellaneous stuff that doesn't fit into other categories.

    • Networking

      Network information, various guides.

    • Scripts

      Any and all useful GNU/Linux scripts you can come up with!
      Generally these should be shell style scripts.

      Non-shell style scripts should go in the another section. (TBD)

      • Misc

        Miscellaneous shell scripts that do not fit into other categories.

  • Monitoring

    Monitoring system notes.

    • opsview

      OPSView monitoring system notes.
      Some of this can be applied to nagios, as it is built on a nagios core.

  • Non-IT Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous random non IT related stuff that interests me.

    • Taman Shud case

      Interesting unresolved case of a death in 1948 in Adelaide, South Australia.

  • Open source contributions

    Any open source contributions that I've made are stored in here for reference purposes later.

  • Software

    Various other software applications/projects.

  • UBPorts

    Ubuntu Touch / UBPorts articles

  • VMWare

    VMWare information.
    Focussed on ESX/ESXi 4.x platforms.

    • Console

      Using the VMWare ESXi 4.x administrative shell for performing commands.

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